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Haut Ruhe Bath Oil + Lotion Set



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Eubos Haut Ruhe Bath Oil  125ml
* Free for  Preservative, PEG, Dye, Lanolin, Alkaline, Soap.

Recommended as therapy-accompanying care.
Intensive caring and gentle cleansing BATH Oil for delicate and dry skin of babies and children.
Protects the skin against drying out, preserves skin’s natural protective barrier, deeply moisturizing and repairing skin .
Contains purely vegetable components, such as cupuacu butter, virgin cold-pressed olive oil, sweet almond oil and naural lavender oil.
Supplies the skin with valuable lipids and improves its moisture content significantly. Has a soothing and calming effect. Makes the skin perceptibly and measurably smoother. Compatibility and efficacy dermatologically confirmed.

Direction on use: 1 cap full to be added to the bath.  After bathing, rinse with luke warm water.

EUBOS Haut Ruhe Lotion 125ml
Basic effective care for dry, sensitive and irritated skin of babies and children.
Also recommended as therapy-accompanying care, e.g. in atopic dermatitis.
Free from Perfume, Colorants, Preservatives, Lanolin and Mineral Oil

Easily spreadable and well absorbable O/W emulsion for daily whole body care. Contains 6% Evening Primrose Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil and extract from St.John’s wort. Increases the moisture content significantly and strengthens the skin’s natural protective barrier. Alleviates itching and has a soothing effect. May be applied also several times a day, if required. Compatibility and efficacy dermatologically confirmed.

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