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EUBOS Urea 5% Washing Lotion + Urea 10% Hydro Repair

EUBOS Urea 5% Washing Lotion + Urea 10% Hydro Repair

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EUBOS Urea 5% Washing Lotion 200ml  (Step-1)

Extremely mild cleansing lotion for dry, very dry, rough and taut skin. Also suitable for children.

Has a lipid-replenishing, soothing effect and protects against drying out thanks to its combination of active substances, such as Lactic Acid,

Oligofructose, Sea Minerals, Glycerol and Nourishing Lipids. Protects the skin’s natural barrier and relieves itching.

Physiological pH, Free from Alkaline Soap and Ether Sulfate.

Perfume free / colorant free / lanolin free


EUBOS Urea 10% Hydro Repair  (Hydrating Lotion)  200ml  (Step-2)

Intensively moisturizing care for very dry, rough, taut and itching skin. Very rapidly absorbable O/W emulsion with 10% UREA as well as 10% Olive Oil

and Almond Oil.  Does not stick, ideal especially on warm days.  Increases the moisture and lipid content of the skin significantly and lastingly.

Reduces the feeling of tautness and roughness, makes the skin smooth and supple.  Prebiotic acting Bioecolia helps to strengthen the natural defence

system of the skin.  Also recommended as therapy-accompanying care.   Contains a perfume especially developed for sensitive skin.


EUBOS Dry Skin  UREA is a special dermatological range for dry and very dry skin developed to strengthen the skin's protective function.

The main active agent is UREA, a physiological substance and component of the skin's natural moisturizing factor (NMF).  Together with Lactic Acid

and its salt (lactates) as well as Glycerol, Urea has a particularly long-lasting moisturizing effect, smoothers the skin perceptibly and alleviates

itching  demonstrably.